About Simply Cheeky Bikinis

Hey ladies, My name is Olivia and I am a 21 year old entrepreneur and student athlete. I started this company as a junior in high school and I am currently a junior in college. I’m studying entrepreneurship as my major and marketing as a minor. I decided to start this company for one reason. To provide girls with cute, affordable, high end swimwear. I want my girls to feel confident and sexy while providing friendly one on one customer service.

    Growing up in South Florida I always thought paying $75-100 for one bottom was a rip off. This company started from that thought. In high school I did tons of research of what it would take to get this company going. Soon I had a sewing machine, my website and some basic fabrics. Out of that me and my mother handmade the first Simply Cheeky Bikini. It was a lot of trial and error at first but after a while we were confidently making 10-15 bikinis a week.

    However being in high school and playing 2 sports I did not have as much time as I wanted to focus into my company. From there I moved away to go play division 1 college volleyball and while living in a tiny dorm room that couldn't fit my sewing machine I unfortunately had to pick sports and school over my company. 

    But now that I am back home in Boca Raton and finishing school here I am 110% committed to my company. The Manami collection is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in the story of Simply Cheeky. This new line started as simple sketches but after a few months of hard work I'm proud to present the Manami collection as what it means to #livcheeky. The cuts, colors and patterns are entirely my design with a focus on being bright, happy and athletic. All made using high end, comfortable fabrics that hug your body and make you feel confident. 

    My goal is to grow my company by getting my product to as many girls hands as possible. I plan to achaive this by continuing to put out a quality product at a fair price.  I am here for all of your customer service questions. I have worn every single one of my bottoms and tops and if you want to try them on in person you can find me at beach volleyball tournaments all across Florida. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who’s as bikini obsessed as me… these bikinis are made for you.