Manami Girl

Manami (まなみ, マナミ) From Japanese 愛 (mana) meaning "love, affection" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful" or 海 (mi) meaning "sea, ocean". Other kanji combinations are possible.

Who is she? 

Charming, attractive, seductive and even sophisticated Manami   is all smiles, sweetness and light. However, beneath the pleasant and very-good-looking appearance, she is far from being as accommodating as she seems. Determined and energetic, in one way or another, what she really seeks is power. This could be expressed by a bold and assertive attitude, by reckless behaviour and belligerence, or even more skilfully, by proving to be an expert in the art of manipulation... Manami   is subtle and clever enough, as well as perceptive and very persuasive, and doesn´t have any trouble in swiftly seizing the opportunities that land at her feet. Far from being indifferent to the material side of life, she has great business sense, and always has her best interests at heart! She can be rather impatient and is usually in a hurry; on the same note, she can be quite impulsive and tends to think ahead, but only in the short term, unfortunately. She lives in the moment, without necessarily worrying about the consequences. Her itinerary in life is therefore not always terribly direct, and could even be full of bends, dirt tracks, mountain passes and roundabouts, although this may lead to a certain amount of instability. She tends to prefer the path of least resistance, which usually turns out quite well because Lady Luck seems to smile on her most of the time. She isn´t always very disciplined, nor is she particularly organized; she can´t stand constraints, hierarchy, authority or criticism. She tends to be touchy, and she can react with abruptness, anger or aggression. Her strength resides in her adaptability and her powers of persuasion. As a child, Manami isn´t always the most docile of little angels! Whilst she is possessive and authoritarian, she does it with such style and expertise that she is impossible to resist or refuse. A strict upbringing is therefore recommended, from the cradle onwards, emphasizing the values of orderliness, punctuality, hard work and respect. Dance and sport promise to be highly beneficial activities.

Do you want to Join the Family?

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What does she like?

She loves freedom, independence and novelty. Manami  ´s worst enemy is monotony and routine. Highly imaginative, she enjoys adventure and will jump on any excuse to travel. In love, she is a passionate creature who craves excitement in her life, and needs lots of attention. She likes to be surprised, and she doesn´t mind abandoning her make up to go backpacking in the wilderness with her friends... She loves to be admired and desired, although her infatuations don´t usually last longer than the first quarter of the moon…


What does she do?

 When it comes to her choice of career, Manami   seeks independence and financial security above all. She could be tempted by the commercial professions (sales and marketing), those related to travel, seasonal or temporary work, in connection with management, economy, finance, and occasionally in relation to a certain authority (military or law enforcement) or sport...